Saratu Gidado: Biography, Age, Career, Family And Movies

Saratu Gidado: Biography, Age, Career, Family And Movies

Saratu Gidado

Saratu Gidado also known as Daso (born 17 January 1968) is a Nigerian film actress, whose name has been a household name in the Kannywood film industry for a very long period of time. Daso is known for the role she always plays as an aggressive and mischievous actress who defied all odds to rise to stardom. Aside from acting, Daso is presently the protocol officer (Magajiya) to the emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II. She made her debut in the year 2000 in a movie titled Linzami Da Wuta, a film produced by Sarauniya Movies, and that followed a series of other hits such as NagariGidauniyaMashiSansani and many more.


Year Award Category Result
2004 Center For Hausa Cultural Studies Contemporary Development of Hausa Cinema Won
2005 Arewa Guid of Film & Theatre Artistes Outstanding Artiste Award Nominated
2016 Arewa Creative Industry Award of Honor Won


Saratu Gidado joined the Kannywood film industry in 2000 and has appeared in over 100 movies.

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Title Year
‘Yar Mai Ganye ND
Cudanya ND
Nagari ND
Sansani ND
Mashi ND
Fil’azal ND
Gidauniya ND
Gidan Iko ND
Jakar Magori ND
Mazan Baci ND
Mazan Fama ND
Rintsin Kauna ND
Shelah ND
Uwar Kudi ND
Yammaci ND
Daham 2005
Sammeha 2012
Gani Gaka 2013
Ibro Ba Sulhu 2014
Ther’s a Away 2016
Ba Tabbas 2017