A Step by Step Guide on Linking Your NIN to MTN Line


A Step by Step Guide on Linking Your NIN to MTN Line


A Step by Step Guide on Linking Your NIN to MTN Line | With the Nigerian government’s directive to link National Identification Numbers (NIN) to mobile phone numbers, it has become imperative for MTN subscribers to complete this process to avoid service disruptions. The linking of NIN to your MTN line is a straightforward procedure that ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and enhances the security of mobile communication. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to link your NIN to your MTN line easily and efficiently.

A Step by Step Guide on Linking Your NIN to MTN Line

Step 1

Verify Your NIN:


Before you begin the linking process, ensure you have your National Identification Number (NIN) readily available. If you haven’t obtained your NIN yet, visit the nearest National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office with the necessary documents to get registered. These documents typically include a valid government-issued ID card, a birth certificate, or a valid driver’s license.

Step 2

Dial *346#:

Once you have your NIN at hand, pick up your MTN registered mobile phone and dial *346# using the MTN line you wish to link to your NIN. This code is the dedicated USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) for linking NIN to your MTN line.

Step 3

Select ‘NIN Capture’:

After dialing *346#, a menu will appear on your screen with different options. Choose the option labeled “NIN Capture” or any other option related to NIN registration. Please be patient as the system processes your request.

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Step 4

Enter Your NIN:

Once you select “NIN Capture,” you will be prompted to enter your NIN. Carefully input your 11-digit NIN number and ensure there are no mistakes. Take your time to cross-check the digits to avoid any issues with the process.

Step 5

Confirm Your NIN:

After entering your NIN, the system will prompt you to confirm it. Double-check the digits displayed on your screen and ensure they match your NIN. If everything is correct, proceed to confirm your NIN registration.

Step 6

Receive Confirmation:

Upon successful submission of your NIN, you will receive a confirmation message on your MTN line, acknowledging that your NIN has been linked to your phone number. Save this confirmation message for future reference.

Step 7

Wait for Approval:

The NIN linking process may take a short while to be approved and validated by MTN. During this period, your NIN will be verified against the records in the NIMC database. You will receive another message from MTN once the linking is confirmed.

Step 8

Verify Your Status:

To confirm that your NIN has been successfully linked to your MTN line, dial *346# again and select the appropriate option to check your NIN registration status. The system will provide you with the current status of your registration.


Linking your NIN to your MTN line is a crucial step to ensure compliance with government regulations and to maintain uninterrupted mobile services. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily and securely complete the NIN registration process. If you encounter any issues during the process or have questions, do not hesitate to contact MTN customer support or visit the nearest MTN service center for assistance.

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