A Quick Guide on How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN


A Quick Guide on How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN


A Quick Guide on How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN | Transferring airtime between MTN users is a convenient way to share credit with friends and family, especially in times of need or to show appreciation. MTN, being one of the leading telecommunication companies, provides an easy and straightforward process for users to transfer airtime seamlessly. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to transfer airtime from one MTN number to another, ensuring that you can make the most of this helpful feature.

A Quick Guide on How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

Step 1



Before initiating any airtime transfer, you need to ensure that your MTN number is registered. If you haven’t registered your SIM card, visit the nearest MTN service center with a valid ID card to complete the registration process. This step is essential for security purposes and ensures that you can perform financial transactions like airtime transfers.

Step 2

Check Airtime Balance

Before transferring airtime, it’s always good to verify your current airtime balance. Dial *556# on your MTN device, and a pop-up message will display your available airtime balance. It’s essential to know your balance to determine how much credit you can share with others.

Step 3

Transfer Airtime

To transfer airtime from your MTN number to another MTN number, use the following format: 131Phone Number*Amount#

For example, if you want to transfer 500 Naira to a friend with the phone number 0803XXXXXXX, dial 1310803XXXXXXX*500#. After entering the amount, you will receive a confirmation message asking you to confirm the transaction by pressing 1.

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Step 4

Confirm the Transaction

After entering the amount, you will receive a pop-up message asking you to confirm the transaction. To confirm, reply with ‘1’ and hit the ‘Send’ button. Double-check the recipient’s phone number and the transferred amount to avoid any errors.

Step 5

Successful Transfer

Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation message indicating a successful airtime transfer. Additionally, the recipient will receive a notification informing them of the credited amount and your phone number.

Important Points to Note:

  1. You can only transfer airtime in multiples of 10 Naira, with a minimum transfer amount of 50 Naira and a maximum of 5,000 Naira per transaction.
  2. MTN will charge a small service fee for each transaction, so ensure you have enough credit to cover the transfer amount, service fee, and any applicable taxes.
  3. Airtime transfers can only be made to other MTN numbers within the same country.
  4. Transferred airtime has the same validity period as the original credit, so ensure the recipient uses it before it expires.
  5. If you encounter any issues during the transfer process, contact MTN customer care for assistance.


Transferring airtime from one MTN number to another is a useful feature that promotes connectivity and support among friends and family. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily and securely share airtime with your loved ones whenever the need arises. Remember to keep your phone number registered, check your airtime balance regularly, and double-check the recipient’s phone number before confirming any transactions. Happy sharing!

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