Yakubu Muhammed: Biography, Age, Career, Family And Movies

Yakubu Muhammed: Biography, Age, Career, Family And Movies

Yakubu Muhammed

Yakubu Mohammed (born 25 March 1973) is a Nigerian film actor, producer, director and scriptwriter. He is Globacom ambassador, SDGs ambassador and at one-time was an ambassador for Nescafe Beverage. Yakubu Mohammed is an actor of repute and household name in both Kannywood and Nollywood, he has sang over 1000 of songs, featured in over 100 of Hausa films and more than 40 English films including Lionheart and Shuga Naija, which earned him several nominations and awards such as City People Entertainment Awards and Nigeria Entertainment Awards.


Yakubu Mohammed Started off kannywood in 1998 by writing script and working behind the scene, he trained on the job, rose through the ranks and in no time he found himself calling the shot. Yakubu Mohammed has recorded over 1000 songs for film music and albums in Hausa and English. After working from the background for so long Yakubu Mohammed appeared in his first movie titled Gabar Cikin Gida in 2013, he featured the movie alongside with his friend and partner Sani Musa Danja. He made it to Nollywood 2016 where he debuted in son of caliphate, Shuga Naija alongside with his colleagues Rahama Sadau and Lionheart.

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Nollywood Movies

Title Year
Sons of The Caliphate 2016
MTV Shuga Naija 2017
Queen Amina
4th Republic
Tenant of The House
Dark Closet
Fantastic Numbers
Walking Away
My Village Bride
Damaged Petals
Bunmi’s Diary
Power of Tomorrow
My Neighbor’s Wife
My Wife’s Lover
Blue Flames
April Hotel
Wings of A Dove

Kannywood Movies

Cikin Waye ND
Gabar Cikin Gida 2013
Da Kai Zan Gana 2013
Mai Farin Jini 2013
Nas 2013
Romeo Da Jamila 2013
Sani Nake So 2013
Shu’uma (The Evil Woman) 2013
Soyayya Da Shakuwa 2014
So Aljannar Duniya 2014
Sai A Lahira 2014
Munubiya 2014
Hakkin Miji 2014
Duniyar Nan 2014
Bikin Yar Gata 2014
Kayar Ruwa 2015
Son of Caliphate 2016
Hawaye Na 2016
Yar Mulki 2016