Aminu Saira: Biography, Age, Career, Family And Movies


Aminu Saira: Biography, Age, Career, Family And Movies

Aminu Saira

Aminu Muhammad Ahmad also known as Aminu Saira (born April 20, 1979) is a Nigerian filmmaker, director and story writer. He is regarded as a pioneer revolutionist of today’s Kannywood and the most popular filmmaker in the Kannywood Movie Industry as well as a good role model as he appears to be gentle, highly cultured and well mannered.

He found to be one the best directors ever in the Hausa movie industry and has since became the most populous after the release of his movie Jamila Da Jamilu in 2009, Ga Duhu Ga Haske in 2010 and Ashabul Kahfi in 2014, which earned him several honors and awards including Best Director of the Year (Jurors Choice Awards) in 2014. After the release of As-habul Kahfi, Saira began a project to launch first Hausa home video series in the history of Hausa movie industry, Labarina, which is now the best trending home video in Kannywood.


As-habul Kahfi and Baya Da Kura were the two highest-grossing films of all times for Saira Movies respectively. In 2016, Aminu was named best Kannywood director of all times and one the highest paid in the history of Kannywood movie industry.

Early life

Aminu was born in Gwammaja, Kano State, Nigeria, the son of Muhammad, an elderly statesman. Aminu grew up in Kano metropolis with his two brothers who are all Kannywood followers and obtained his primary, secondary and tertiary educations in Kano. He studied Quranic Science in Aminu Kano College of Islamic And Legal Studies, Kano, Nigeria. Aminu quits his job as a businessman to enter the Kannywood film industry in 2006 with his first movie Musnadi that hits the industry.

Early career

Aminu Saira was the director, writer and producer for Dare Da Yawa (2007), and Jamila Da Jamilu (2009) and his all-time favourite Ga Duhu Ga Haske (2010), which featured a non-Muslim who converted to Islam. He continued to write and direct movies including his first and one of the best Hausa movie series Labarina under his production name, Saira Movies.


Aminu Saira’s way of life has made him to be an extraordinary person within the Kannywood movie industry. Hadiza Aliyu described Aminu Saira as her superstar. Also, Nafisa Abdullahi described him as one of her mentors. His influence was increased within the movie industry after the release of his movie Sarauta in 2011, which increased Ali Nuhu’s carrier and later continue with his dominance after the release of Daga Ni Sai Ke and ‘Ya Daga Allah in 2014.


Aminu Saira filmography

Year Title Role Actor Studio
2006 Musnadi Director Safiya Musa, Abba Al-Mustapha, Ibrahim Maishunku Saira Movies
2007 Almajira Director Ibrahim Maishunku, Safiya Musa, Aminu Shariff, Abba Al-Mustapha Saira Movies
2007 Dare Da Yawa Director Ibrahim Maishunku, Ali Nuhu, Kubra Dako, Maryam Hiyana Saira Movies
2008 Garin Mu Da Zafi Director Ali Nuhu, Adam A Zango, Maryam Booth, Zainab Abdullahi UK Entertainment
2009 Jamila Da Jamilu Director Ibrahim Maishunku, Jamila Nagudu Saira Movies
2009 Mai Gadon Zinare Director Ali Nuhu, Jamila Umar Nagudu, Ibrahim Maishunku Saira Movies
2010 Ladidin Baba Director Ali Nuhu, Zainab Umar UK Entertainment
2010 Jidda Director Ibrihim Maishunku, Jamila Umar Nagudu, Ishaq Sidi Ishaq Square Media
2010 Dan Sarki Director Ali Nuhu, Zainab Umar, Hajara Usman, Musa Abdullahi Kabugawa Production
2010 Ga Duhu Ga Haske Director Adam A Zango, Zainab Abdullahi, Zainab Umar Saira Movies
2010 Miyatti Allah Director Ibrahim Maishunku, Fati KK, Binta Yahaya G-Top Multimedia
2010 Rai Da Rai Director Ibrahim Maishunku, Rashida Abdullahi, Fati KK T.M.A Production
2010 Balaraba Director Baballe Hayatu, Adam A Zango, Sadiya Gyale Square Media
2010 Walijam Director Adam A Zango, Zainab Abdullahi, Audu Kano UK Entertainment
2010 Mata Da Miji Director Ibrahim Maishunku, Binta Yahaya, Fati K. K., Rufaida Muhammad G-Top Multimedia
2010 Dadin Baki Director Ibrahim Maishunku, Jamila Umar Kabugawa Production
2011 Sarauta Director Ali Nuhu, Rahma Hassan, Hadiza Muhammad, Kabiru Mai Kaba T.M.A Production
2011 Malika Director Ali Nuhu, Nafisa Abdullahi, Rabiu Rikadawa, Hadiza Muhammad Saira Movies
2011 Laifin Dadi Director Shu’aibu Lawal, Adam A Zango, Nafisa Abdullahi G-Top Multimedia
2011 Ban Saketa Ba Director Ibrahim Maishunku, Fati KK Kabugawa Production
2011 Maryam Diyana Director Rahama Hassan, Hauwa Maina, Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani Sadiq UK Entertainment
2011 Ajnabiyya Director Ibrahim Maishunku, Zainab Abdullahi, Rahama Hassan UK Entertainment
2012 Mutallab Director Ali Nuhu, Adam A Zango, Nafisa Abdullahi, Carmain McCain, Kabiru Nakwango Square Media
2012 ‘Yar Agadez Director Zainab Abdullahi, Ibrahim Maishunku, Nafisa Abdullahi, Adam A Zango UK Entertainment
2012 Dan Marayan Zaki Director Nafisa Abdullahi, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Rahama Hassan, Hadiza Muhammad, Sadiq Ahmad Saira Movies
2012 Kara Da Kiyashi Director Ali Nuhu, Hadiza Muhammad, Bashir Nayaya, Nafisa Abdullahi UK Entertainment
2012 Ban Sani Ba Director Hadiza Aliyu, Shehu Hassan Kano, Shu’aibu Lawan T.M.A Production
2012 Toron Giwa Director Ali Nuhu, Nafisa Abdullahi, Shu’aibu Lawal Asnanic Movies
2012 Kona Gari Director Ali Nuhu, Maryam Muhammad, Halima Atete, Hauwa Waraka T.M.A Production
2013 Fisabilillah Director Ali Nuhu, Nafisa Abdullahi, Hadiza Muhammad, Rabi’u Rikadawa G-Top Multimedia
2013 Lamiraj Director Rahama Hassan, Ali Nuhu, Nafisa Abdullahi Saira Movies
2013 Dakin Amarya Director Ali Nuhu, Halima Atete, A’isha Aliyu Asnanic Movies
2013 Fari Da Baki Director Rahama Hassan, Al-Amin Buhari, Ali Nuhu G-Top Multimedia
2013 Farin Dare Director Ali Rabi’u, Bello Muhammad Bello, Rahama Sadau UK Entertainment
2014 Kanin Miji Director Ali Nuhu, Jamila Umar, Nuhu Abdullahi Saira Movies
2014 Kisan Gilla Director Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Hadiza Aliyu, Rahama Sadau, Bello Muhammad Bello Asmasan Pictures
2014 Ashabul Kahfi Director Tahir Fagge, Tijjani Faraga, Al-Amin Buhari Saira Movies
2014 Daga Ni Sai Ke Director Sadiq Ahmad, Zaharadden Sani, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Hadiza Aliyu, Halima Atete Saira Movies
2014 Haske Director Aina’u Ade, Ali Nuhu, Ali Rabiu, Abbas Sadiq Saira Movies
2014 Kalamu Wahid Director Nafisa Abdullahi, Sadiq Ahmad, Ali Nuhu Kabugawa Production
2014 ‘Ya Daga Allah Director Ali Nuhu, Nafisa Abdullahi, Fati Abdullahi. Sadiq Sani Saqid, Hadiza Muhammad Saira Movies
2014 Ali Yaga Ali Director Ali Nuhu, Hadiza Aliyu, Sadiq Sani Saqid, Jamila Umar Kabugawa Production
2015 Baya Da Kura Director Ali Nuhu, Nuhu Abdullahi, Ishaq Sidi Ishaq, Fati Washa, Hadiza Muhammad GG Production
2015 Wani Zama Director Yakubu Muhammad, Jamila Umar, Shehu Hassan Kano Asnanic Movies
2015 Uwa Tafi Uwa Director Ali Nuhu, Hadiza Aliyu Mikiya Production
2015 Gidan Kitso Director Ali Nuhu, Jamila Umar, Fati Abdullahi Kabugawa Production
2016 Jarumta Director Ali Nuhu, Hadiza Aliyu, Jamila Umar, Hauwa Waraka, Nuhu Abdullahi G-Top Multimedia
2016 Kallo Ya Koma Sama Director Ali Nuhu, Jamila Umar, Baballe Hayatu Saira Movies
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Honors and awards

Aminu Saira received several awards and honors including 1st and 2nd Kannywood Awards. In recognition of a distinguished career as a Nigerian filmmaker, Saira was also awarded best director by several other media outlets including Arewa Music and Movies Awards.



List of awards received by Aminu Saira

Year Award Category Film Result
2013 Entrepreneurship Award Best Director Special Recognition Won
2013 Kannywood/AMMA Awards Best Movie Director Dakin Amarya Won
2014 1st Kannywood Awards Best Director of the Year (Jurors Choice Awards) Wata Hudu Won
2014 Kannywood/AMMA Awards Best Director (Popular Choice Awards) Ali Yaga Ali Won
2015 2nd Kannywood/MTN Awards Best Director of the Year (Jurors Choice Awards) Ashabul Kahfi & Sabuwar Sangaya Won
2015 Kannywood/AMMA Awards Best Director (Popular Choice Awards) Baya Da Kura Won