Zenith Bank Visa Direct

Visa Direct


If you need to receive money from abroad*, there is no faster, safer or simpler way to do it than via Visa Direct. All you need to do is to provide your name and your 16 digit Visa Card number to the sender and you are set to receive funds in the currency of your card.

Once the transaction has been completed by the sender, the funds are made available in your card account almost immediately and you can withdraw from an ATM or spend electronically via POS or web at participating merchants.


This service works with all Zenith Bank Visa cards (Credit, Debit and Prepaid).

  • Receive money in near real-time directly on your Visa Card.
  • Instant access to available funds.
  • Fast, convenient & reliable.
  • Secure form of funds transfer.
  • Direct Visa credit card settlement from your bank account.
  • Can be used for purchases & bill payments via POS & Web


  • Only available to Visa cardholders.
  • Beneficiary’s Name and Visa Card number required for funds transfer.