Unity Bank Business Account

Business Savings Account

Product Description
This savings account is a product for all kinds of business who need to put some funds away for ventures and earn interest.
Target Market
All registered business who intends to set aside some cash for the future or a prospective project
Product Features and Benefits

Account opening balance of N5,000

Minimum Balance of N1,000


Bundle  account that comes with our alternate channels: Internet Banking, Mobile banking

Maximum of 3withdrawals per month after which interest is forfeited

Interest bearing {30% of MPR**}

Cheque lodgement (up to the tune of ₦2Million per day for account with BVN)

No maintenance fee

Customized personalized withdrawal slips (not valid for clearing)

**MPR-Monetary Policy Rate

SME Banking

one of our strategic interest is in the development of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME’S) in Nigeria.

Corporate Current Account

Product Description
This product is a traditional current account designed to meet the needs of businesses that needs to issue third party cheques and also enjoy transaction flexibility.
Target Market
All registered business (Large corporation with high turnovers)
Product Features and Benefits
Bundle account that comes with our alternate channels Internet Banking, Mobile banking (for one signatory account)
Account opening balance of N10,000
Flexible operating balance
Account maintenance fee (AMF) of ₦1 per mille. Negotiable AMF rate for accounts with high debit turnover
Collection, payment, e-Invoicing platform (Bank3D) and Corporate pay.
Lodgement of cheques and dividend warrants
No limit to turnover and withdrawals
SMS alerts on transactions
Access to POS Terminal
Access to loans subject to meeting the Bank’s RAAC