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Business Banking

The Sterling Business Banking is poised to deliver cutting-edge and innovative solutions.

Business Banking


The Sterling Business Banking is poised to deliver cutting-edge and innovative solutions to our Corporate, Commercial, Institutional and SME clients through:


Payment Management Solutions

We manage customer’s payments efficiently and easily with our banquets of eChannels solutions that enable corporate organizations, Governments and SMES to achieve 100% of its payment processes from end to end.

Organizations are empowered to make payments to Staff, Vendors, pay Claims directly from its Bank account. The platforms are convenient, efficient and available 24/7.

Our e-payment solutions offer Organizations, Governments and SMES opportunity to transact business with their customers seamlessly from their offices or any Internet-enabled location. Some of the payment solutions are listed below:

Our Customers can carry out their domestic funds transfer using any of our available fund transfers services which is available both on our Internet, mobile banking and at any of our branches.

  • NIP (NIBSS Instant Payment) – The NIBSS instant pay provides Instant funds transfer to beneficiary at any time. The NIP is available on our Internet, mobile banking and branches
  • NEFT (NIBSS Electronic Funds Transfers) – The NIBSS electronic funds transfer is used to carry out domestic funds transfer to beneficiaries. It is available on our Corporate Internet Banking and at all our branches
  • RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement – The RTGS is also used to carry out funds transfer to beneficiaries with huge transaction volume. It is also available on our Corporate Internet Banking and at all our branches
  • Manager’s Cheques – This is an Instant issuance of draft on request for payment at our branches. You can visit any of our branches to request for a managers cheque
  • Corporate Cheques – The Corporate Cheque is issued at any of our branches. The Corporate cheque issuance reduces cost and saves time.
  • Account-to-Account Transfers – Our Intra Bank transfer service is available on our Corporate Internet Banking and branches for instant domestic funds transfers to beneficiary accounts within sterling Bank. It is free, safe and convenient.

Cross-Border Payments – Our Foreign currency transfer in Sterling Bank is Faster, Transparent and Traceable. This is available on our Corporate Internet Banking and through our Branches.To get started, Click on the link to sign up to our Corporate Internet Banking to get started or visit our nearest sterling bank branch to complete the FCY transfer form.

‘Sterling Pro’ is our Corporate Internet Banking System (CIBS) that is user friendly, provides online and real-time banking that evolves with the needs of customer’s business. It assists customers in all aspect of their financial transactions, From account management, administration, invoicing, domestic single/bulk transfers, cross-border payments, online trading and viewing overall liquidity. It makes all business needs simple.

Features of Sterling Pro
  • Payroll Management: Ability to create/upload Employee records, Run Payroll, set up Payroll Template, Generation of Pay Slips, etc
  • Salary and Vendor/Payment: Ability to process single and batch payments to vendors and salary to employees
  • Deposit Management: Book New Investment, Manage Existing Investment Rollover /Renew, View All Deposit
  • Standing Order/Scheduled Payments: Ability to Modify Standing Orders, Cancel Standing Orders, Manage beneficiaries
  • Letters of Credit: Ability to Initiate new LC request, Amend/Modify existing LC, Cancel existing LC, View status of existing LC request
  • Letter of Guarantee: Ability to Initiate new letter of Guarantee, Amend terms of letter of Guarantee

Mobile Approval: Sequential approval via Mobile

To sign on to our Sterling Pro, Click on the link to complete the online application form or visit our nearest sterling bank branch to register on the platform. You can click on here to start using the Sterling Pro

Collections/ Receivable Management

PayOn: This is an ecommerce payment gateway, it is a simple page that can be called from any website seeking to offer visitors the facility to pay for goods or services by their bank issued cards or other payment tokens.

PayOn is an innovative offering by the bank which offers merchants multiple payment channels and global presence, with one integration you can scale across Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and accept USD payments.

It is designed for merchants who use shopping carts, have little experience in server side scripting, or who use shared web servers that do not offer secure database services.

it is targeted at SMES and all businesses that have ecommerce websites or need web online payment services.

How PayOn Works?

• User logs on to the PayOn payment main page ( watchout for merchant unique business logo) to carry out payment
• User carts out to proceed with payment
• An authorization request is sent to confirm payment authorization from the card issuing bank
• PayOn redirects the customer back to the return page on the merchant’s site. The merchant return page is sent information which can be accessed using standard web technology
• The merchant is required to call the PayOn web service to verify the success or failure of the payment

Benefits of PayOn to Customers

• It is convenient and user friendly
• It enhances transaction security since cash handling is not required
• It reduces costs involved with cash management
• It improves merchant’s sales

It is an online real-time funds transfer product which can be from account to account, account to wallet or wallet to account basis. It enables payments to sellers for commodities and services by leveraging on NIBSS instant payment (NIP) infrastructure and the USSD technology on mobile phone devices.

Benefits of M-CASH

• Real-time notification
• Seamless and user-friendly experience and interface
• Supported by 65% of Nigeria Banks
• Direct integration with customer’s Robust reporting system

We provide customers with P.O.S. terminals for collection of payments for good and services using various types of local and international payment cards.

Merchants/customers/billers can debit their customers’ accounts in any bank in Nigeria via direct debit.

Customers can walk into any of our branches to carry out collection payments using cash and cheques.

Payment made using Sterling Bank Mobile Banking App make payments to billers using mobile wallets.

VFS Global is an international company Responsible for facilitating visa fee collections between prospective visa Applicants and various embassies around the world.

We collect visa fee for the following countries.

• Canada
• Italy
• France
• Ireland
• Dubai
• Sweden
• Austria
• India
• Korea
• Portugal
• Belgium
• South Africa
• Spain
• Croatia
• Denmark
• China

Other Financial Institutions (OFI)Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund

We identified with Microfinance Banks and Other financial institutions (OFI’s) strong brand and its service value chain.
With the aid of technology, we extend our electronic banking facilities to the OFI’s customers. This service is available at any of our branches or you can contact our customer care for more information.

Available e-Services / products

We also offer the following e-service or products to our OFI partners;

Settlement Banking: We act as settlement bank to OFIs. OFI customers will be able to receive interbank transfers directly into their accounts either via NIBSS instant transfer or Interswitch platform
Salary and Vendor/Payment: Ability to process single and batch payments to vendors and salary to employees

POS Deployment: We deploy POS which can be used for payment at designated locations.
Mobile Financial Services: We extend this service to OFIs so that their customers
can purchase airtime and make transfers seamlessly from their accounts by dialing the
short code i.e. *822#



Our Money Transfer service enables both account holders as well as non-account holders of the bank to receive money in minutes from family, friends and loved ones from over 200 countries around the world.