Providus Bank Limited Logo

Providus Bank Limited Logo


The bank was granted a regional banking license by the Central Bank of Nigeria in June 2016.

Business Profile

ProvidusBank is an innovative financial institution that offers customised business solutions and advanced products that will not only answer your business and personal needs today, but also steer you into the future. Our tailored financial services delivery includes: Business Advisory, Portfolio Management, Personalised Relationship Management, Fast-tracked Service delivery and Self-service solutions.

ProvidusBank competitive advantage in Private, Institutional, Business and Personal Banking is driven by the philosophy to create support and value for Institutions, Agencies, SMEs and HNIs. Our business development strategy also focuses on developing expertise and collaborating to improve the non-oil (emerging) sector of the Nigerian Economy, which includes but not limited to Agriculture, Mining, Hospitality, E-commerce, and Art & Entertainment.

At ProvidusBank, we believe that the New World of Fast, Smart, Personal and Borderless banking relationship is here. We are therefore inspired by our Future Forward Banking ethos to make life (at work and leisure) more exciting for our partners with the use of cutting-edge technology that delivers best-in-class customer satisfaction.