Polaris Bank Core Values

Statement Of Values


We’re not afraid to be different – Boldness

We’re here today, We’ll be here tomorrow – Sustainability


When it’s same old, same old, it’s not us – Innovative

When we stop learning, we die – Continous Learning

When we promise, we deliver – Trustworthy

Our People Management Philosophy

We value Integrity, Mutual Respect, Accessibility and Continuous Learning.

Our service oriented culture, as well as our innovative contribution to the growth of many areas of the country’s economy, most especially Maritime, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction and Telecommunications, cannot be over-emphasized.

Compensation and Incentives

Polaris Bank, as an employer of choice, continues to offer a competitively attractive compensation package and also provide incentives that foster work-life improvement of its human capital.

Our reward system remains a motivating and retentive edge with our people.


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