Fidelity Bank Customer Care

Fidelity Bank Customer Care

It does not matter what time it is, no matter where you are, you can call our Interactive Contact Centre and stay close to your bank 24/7.

Who we are

Whatever your inquiry is about, we will find you the specific person to converse with. The Interactive Contact Centre allows our customers have the opportunity to speak to any of our agents, any day, and any time. Whether you’re calling to make enquiries, to lodge a complaint, or simply to make a suggestion to us, you can reach us at via email: True.serve@fidelitybank.ng01-448-5252 or Whatsapp: +234 903 000 5252.

Work Structure

  • The Contact Centre is available 24/7 (weekends and public holidays inclusive)
  • We operate both inbound and outbound services (inbound desk for receiving calls/chats from customers and the outbound for up selling products and services, surveys, mystery shopping
  • Exercises, Customer feedback, complaints escalations and service monitoring)

What we do

  • Receive customer enquiries and complaints via telephone, email, chat
  • Credit card monitoring
  • Provide status report on failed card related transactions
  • Confirmation of ATM/Internet banking requests from customers daily
  • Daily calls to PoS merchants to check on machine status and reasons for low usage (issues escalated to E-Banking for follow-up)
  • Carry out open commands for closed ATM machines hourly
  • Escalate issues unresolved on first contact to the relevant units (TSD, E-Banking, IS Control etc.)
  • Monitor progress status of escalated enquiries/complaints along predetermined TAT, while providing feedback to customers at every turn
  • Conduct mini Customer Satisfaction Surveys on request
  • Provide feedback from customers for service improvements (business intelligence reporting)
  • Dormant account reactivation exercises for branches on request
  • Cross-sell various products and services to select customers
  • Mystery shopping exercises on request

Trueserve comprises of desks designed and trained to handle specific tasks. They are:

The Inbound Desk

  • Handles customer complaints, enquiries and requests via calls
  • Ensures customer complaints are resolved on a first call basis, and escalates unresolved issues to responsible units in the bank
  • Issuing open commands to closed ATMs bank wide
  • Hot listing of lost, stolen and compromised ATM cards

Social Media Desk

  • Handles customer complaints and enquiries through our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Live Chat)
  • Escalates unresolved issues to responsible units
  • The Outbound Desk/E-mailing Team
  • Handles customer complaints, enquiries and requests via mails
  • Ensure complaints and requests escalated to units are followed up on to ensure prompt resolution
  • Provide periodic feedback to customers on the status of the complaints and requests, and ensuring final feedback is given to customers once issue is resolved
  • Assist to log ATM dispense issues, failed PoS and web transactions on the arbiter (Extra switch and DMS portals) for resolution
  • Attend to priority Diaspora calls

Credit Card monitoring desk

  • Monitors customer transactions hourly
  • Contact Customers experiencing challenges with their credit cards, and assist in providing prompt resolution -escalating challenges where necessary
  • Flag any suspicious transactions

E –Banking Support desk

  • Customer call-over for requests for ATM cards and Internet banking (Customers with balances above NGN 100,000 and NGN 500,000 respectively)
  • Engage PoS merchants to know reasons for low transactions and or issues encountered daily

Quality Assurance Desk

  • Monitor calls, Customer engagement via mails, chats and social media to determine quality and improvement initiatives
  • Identify coaching and training needs for Service executives
  • Recognize exceptional performers for reward and recognition
  • Push for enhanced Customer experience

Currently we handle between 800-1200 calls, 2000 -2500 emails and at least 90 social media/chat inbound contacts daily.