Ecobank Nigeria Online

Ecobank Nigeria Online

Tap into new Ecobank Online

Your Internet Banking experience is now smarter & safer than ever

Everything changes from Monday 5 November.

We’ve upgraded our online banking platform with the latest technology to bring you a range of helpful new and improved features:

  • View all accounts/transactions in one place
  • Move seamlessly between accounts
  • Send money simply – locally and overseas
  • Schedule payments easily in advance
  • Pay multiple beneficiaries at same time
  • View maturity amounts on fixed deposits
  • Monitor and schedule loan payments
  • Do it all online and on mobile

How to use Ecobank Online

  • Logging on

    Secure, efficient and convenient banking is at your fingertips. Ecobank uses Secure Access, an online security initiative designed to make your online banking even safer and give you peace of mind.

    1. Click “Log-in to Internet Banking”
    2. Select your country and click “Log-in to your account”
    3. Enter your unique User ID
    4. Enter your unique password and confirm your Secure Image and Message
  • Checking your balance

Account Summary lets you to check your balance, monitor account activity and keep track of your spending.

  1. To see a summary of your accounts, choose these tabs
  2. Your account balances are shown here in one, simple overview
  3. You can view your account summary in another currency – just choose from the drop-down menu
  4. To view your account balances in more detail, click on the account name
  • Making money transfers

It’s easy to move money within your accounts, or make a payment directly and securely to another bank.

In-country transfers

  1. To transfer money within your country, choose these tabs
  2. Unless you have previously created a template for the same type of transfer, select Make New Payment
  3. Choose which account you’d like to take the funds from
  4. Fill in the account details of the recipient carefully – Ecobank cannot be responsible for any errors you make
  5. Enter the amount, currency and when you’d like the money to be transferred
  6. Complete a few further details, including who should be responsible for Correspondence Charges
  7. When you’ve checked all the details, click here to carry out the transaction
  • Requesting services

    Your mailbox shows you how to communicate with us and more, including how to customise your preferences to best suit your needs.

    Send us a message

    1. To send and receive secure messages, choose the Mailbox tab in My Services
    2. To send us a message, select the subject here
    3. Start typing your message – a maximum of 2,000 characters
    4. When you’re ready, click the send button
    5. We aim to reply within two working days


  • Update personal information

Keep us informed of any changes to your personal details to ensure we have the most recent information for you.

Choose these tabs to access your profile

  1. Enter your details and click “Continue”
  2. Check that you’ve entered the correct details. If you’ve made a mistake, choose “Change Profile” to make any changes
  3. Click “Confirm” to confirm your details


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Ecobank Online User Guide PDF 2.52 MB Download – Ecobank Online User Guide
Ecobank Online Frequently Asked Questions PDF 817.75 KB Download – Ecobank Online Frequently Asked Questions