Abia State Airport | Does Abia State Have Airport

Abia State Airport | Does Abia State Have Airport

Abia is yet to build an airport in its state. Am sure a lot of people have wondered why Abia doesn’t have an airport considering the fact that it is a business inclined state.

However,  looking into this whole issue of not having an airport in Abia, Ndi Abia actually needs an airport. Firstly, Abia is a business inclined state and virtually all important businessmen and women at Aba travel a lot to other parts of the country or overseas for one business transaction or another to do business. Presently they are facing the challenges of landing in neighbouring states and facing the hurdles of travelling by road to Abia State with its attendant hazards. Building an airport in the state will checkmate these hazards. Secondly, it will enhance the business and economic tempo in Abia State, as investors will have one-stop access to the states.

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Moreover, it will encourage Abians living outside Nigeria to increase the frequency of their visit home and also attract the much-needed investment to the state.

The nearest airport to Abia is Sam Mbakwe Cargo Airport (Owerri Airport), an hour drive to Umuahia and Aba; and Port Harcourt International Airport, 2 hours. Akwa Ibom Airport (Akwa Ibom State) can also serve would-be visitors. The distance between Uyo (Akwa Ibom) and Umuahia (Abia) is 73.28 kilometres (45.53 mi).



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