A Guide to Disabling Auto Renewal on MTN


A Guide to Disabling Auto Renewal on MTN


A Guide to Disabling Auto Renewal on MTN | Auto renewal services provided by telecommunication companies offer convenience by automatically renewing subscription plans. However, it’s common for users to want more control over their subscriptions, including the ability to stop auto renewal. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to disable auto renewal on MTN, one of the leading telecommunication service providers. By following these simple instructions, you can take charge of your subscriptions and avoid unexpected charges.

A Guide to Disabling Auto Renewal on MTN

Step 1

Understand the Auto Renewal Process: Before we delve into the steps to disable auto renewal, it’s important to understand how the process works on MTN. When you subscribe to a plan or service, MTN may automatically renew it at the end of the subscription period using your available airtime or deducting the renewal fee from your account balance. To prevent this, you need to take specific actions to disable the auto renewal feature.


Step 2

Accessing the MTN Menu: To stop auto renewal, you’ll need to access the MTN menu on your mobile device. Depending on your phone model, the menu may be accessed through different methods, such as a dedicated app, USSD code, or the SIM toolkit. Consult your device’s user manual or MTN’s website for specific instructions on accessing the menu.

Step 3

Navigating the MTN Menu: Once you’ve accessed the MTN menu, navigate to the subscription or bundle section. Look for options related to your active subscriptions or services. In some cases, the auto renewal feature may be grouped under settings, preferences, or subscription management.

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Step 4

Disabling Auto Renewal: Within the subscription or bundle section, locate the specific service or plan for which you wish to disable auto renewal. Select that option, and you should see the details and settings related to the subscription. Look for an option that allows you to disable or turn off auto renewal. It may be labeled as “Disable auto renewal,” “Stop auto renewal,” or something similar. Choose this option to deactivate the auto renewal feature for that specific subscription.

Step 5

Confirmation and Verification: After selecting the option to disable auto renewal, you may be prompted to confirm your choice. Pay close attention to any confirmation messages or pop-ups that appear on your screen. Read the instructions carefully and follow the prompts to finalize the process. This may involve responding with a specific number or pressing a designated key on your phone’s keypad.

Step 6

Verification of Deactivation: To ensure that auto renewal has been successfully disabled, exit the menu and check for any confirmation messages from MTN. Some messages may indicate that auto renewal has been turned off for the selected service or plan. Additionally, you can monitor your account balance or airtime deductions to verify that no automatic renewals occur for that particular subscription.

Conclusion: Taking control of your subscriptions and preventing unwanted charges is essential in managing your finances effectively. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily disable auto renewal on MTN and avoid surprises on your bill. Remember, if you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to MTN’s customer support for assistance.

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