Zenith Bank Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

The Zenith Prepaid Card puts you in total control of your everyday spending. All payments are limited to the funds available in the prepaid card. Simply load the Prepaid card account with the funds you will need when you shop or travel and use the Card for all your payment needs. It is safer and convenient.

  • Available in Naira, Dollar, Euro and Pound denominations
  • Convenient
  • Acceptable Nationwide
  • 3D online security (Verified by Visa [V by V] and MasterCard SecureCode) https://www.securecode.com/zenithbank
  •  Cards can be used on POS, ATM, Internet, Telephone and Mail Order
  • Available to Account holders and non-Account holders of the bank
  • 24 hour Customer Service Centre/Call Centre
  • SMS/ Email alerts
  • Monthly Statement
  • Online access to transaction history through Internet Banking