Zenith Bank Dividend

Enrolment Process

Enrolment can be done in either of the two ways outlined below:

Option 1: Visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch, Request the form for your Registrar, Fill and submit the form at the Zenith Bank branch.

Option 2: Select and download the form for your Registrar from the list provided below, Print, fill and submit at the nearest Zenith Bank branch. If you do not know your registrar, kindly click View Registrars to identify the registrar associated with the company in which you hold shares.

For further assistance please call Zenith Direct, our 24-hour interactive contact centre or contact your Relationship Service Manager.


African Prudential Registrars

All Crown Registrars

Apel Capital Registrars

Cardinal Stone Registrars

Centurion Registrars

Datamax Registrars

EDC Registrars

First Registrars

Flour Mill Registrars

GTL Registrars

Light House Registrars

Main Street Registrars

Meristem Registrars

PAC Registrars

PACE (Sterling) Registrars

United Securities Registrars

Unity Registrars

Veritas Registrars