Wema Bank Recharge Code

Wema Bank recharge code makes topping up your line or the lines of your friends and family easy and hassle-free. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use this simple short code properly.

But before Wema Bank introduced the recharge USSD codes, customers had to visit ATMs or download the Wema Bank mobile app to be able to recharge straight from accounts.


Without an iota of doubt, using a simple USSD code to recharge from your account is very much easier and faster than using the mobile app or ATMs.

But you need to first of all register and create a PIN for Wema Bank e-Banking. To do that dial *945*100# on your registered line if you recently opened your bank account, or dial *945*50# if you’re an existing customer.

How to top-up airtime using Wema Bank Recharge code

  • To recharge for yourself, dial *945*Amount# (e.g *945*1000#) from the Phone Number attached to your Wema Bank Account.
  • To top-up for someone else or a number not linked to your Wema bank account, dial *945*recipient’s phone number*Amount# (e.g *945*08012345678*1000#) from the Phone Number attached to your Wema Bank Account.
  • After dialing any of the above codes, enter your e-banking PIN to confirm your transaction.

After following all the steps above, you’ll receive a debit alert from Wema bank and a message from recipients network provider confirming the top-up via VTU.

Recharge charges & limits


Using Wema bank recharge code to top-up for yourself and others is absolutely free. So, you don’t need to pay any other fee apart from your exact recharge amount.


You can top-up not more than 10,000 naira airtime daily and per transaction. If you wish to increase this daily limit, visit any Wema bank branch near you or contact customer care online.

Other points to note about Wema Bank recharge code

  • Recharging from Wema account is not reversible, so you must be very careful before confirming transactions. You must carefully enter amount and recipient’s number in cases of 3rd party recharge.
  • Accessible on all phone types (android, iOS, Blackberry, Java and more), provided it supports USSD operations.
  • You can top-up for all networks in Nigeria (MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, and Airtel).
  • The recharge amount is deducted right from your Wema bank account main balance.
  • Using Wema Bank recharge code doesn’t require internet connection; however, the signal on your mobile device must be strong enough.
  • The code works at any time of the day, 7 days a week.