United Bank for Africa Transfer pin

The launch of UBA Transfer Code has greatly reduced the stress involved in transferring money from UBA to UBA or other banks.

In this guide I will show you how to use UBA transfer code to send money from UBA to other banks or to another UBA customer using your mobile phone.


Apart from just transfering money, UBA magic banking can be used to complete several other transactions.

The good thing is, you can carry out UBA magic banking on any mobile device including Java, Android, Windows, iOs and many more.

But before you can carry on with this guide there’s a prerequisite that must be met.

First of all, you need to make sure your bank account is linked with one of your mobile phone numbers. If not, it’s as easy as visiting any UBA branch near you and asking them to link your phone number with your account.

Also, if the phone number that was previously linked got missing, then it’s as easy as doing the welcome back of that line or visiting any UBA branch to carry out a change of number.

If you’re ready let’s go on with the next steps.

How to transfer money using UBA USSD code

Step 1: Dial *919# using the SIM you registered with your bank.

Step 2: Depending on the bank account you’re transferring to, select 3 or 4. If you’re sending money to another UBA account, select 3; but if it’s to another bank account, select 4.

UBA magic banking first screen

Note: If it’s your first transaction, you may be required to create a pin. Just follow the instructions to do that.

Step 3: Complete all the dialogs using the proper information. Things you’ll be required to enter to complete your transfer include account number of the recipient and UBA magic banking PIN. The one you created when initiating your first transaction.

Alternatively, dial*919*3# and follow all the instructions to send money to another UBA account.

Or, Dial *919*4 and follow all the instructions to send money from UBA to other banks.

I hope with this guide you were able to complete money transfer using the UBA *919# (UBA magic banking code).

UBA USSD transfer limit

When using the UBA USSD code to perform transaction that involves fund transfer the limit is currently capped at ₦1 million; however, you need to get a bank token to reach that limit.

Transactions involving small funds like ₦100,000 and below may not require any token.

If you want to make transfers up to the ₦1 million limit, just visit any of the UBA branches near you to order for a token.

What you should know about using UBA transfer code

  • Using UBA magic banking code to carry out bank transfers attract a fee of 70 naira only. The fee is applicable to both inter bank and intra bank transfers.
  • The code works on any mobile device, be it android, iOS, Blackberry, or Java devices.
  • It does not require data on your phone to send money
  • Magic banking allows you to send money to all Nigerian bank accounts