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Investor Relations

UBA financial reports, share information, analyst reports, credit ratings, etc. are available here.

This is everything you’ll need to keep you up to date on investing in UBA.This presentation of results is for information only and not an invitation or recommendation to invest.

Credit Ratings of UBA Plc.


Fitch Credit Ratings

Fitch’s Credit Ratings provide an opinion on the relative ability of an entity to meet financial commitments, such as interest, preferred dividends, repayment of principal, insurance claims or counterparty obligations. Credit Ratings are used by investors as indications of the likelihood of receiving their money back, in accordance with the terms on which they invested. Fitch’s Credit Ratings cover the global spectrum of corporate, sovereign (including supra-national and sub-national), financial, bank, insurance, municipal and other public finance entities and the securities or other obligations they issue, as well as structured finance securities backed by receivables or other financial assets.


Short Term Debt Rating

A short-term debt rating rates an organisation’s general unsecured creditworthiness over the short term (i.e. over a 12 month period). Such a rating provides an indication of the probability of default on any unsecured short term debt obligations, including commercial paper, bank borrowings, BAs and NCDs.


Highest certainty of timely payment. Short-term liquidity, including internal operating factors and/or access to alternative sources of funds is outstanding, and safety is just below that of risk-free treasury bills.

Long Term Debt Rating

A long-term debt rating rates the probability of default on specific long-term debt instruments, over the life of the issue. It is possible that different issues by a single issuer could be accorded different credit ratings, depending on the underlying characteristics of each issue (e.g. is it a senior or a subordinated debt instrument, is it secured or unsecured and, if secured, what is the nature of the security?)


Very high credit quality. Protection factors are very strong. Adverse changes in business, economic or financial conditions would increase investment risk although not significantly.

Agusto & Co


A financial institution of very good financial condition and strong capacity to meet its obligations as and when they fall due. Adverse changes in the environment (macroeconomic, political and regulatory) will result in a slight increase in the risk attributable to an exposure to this financial institution. However, financial condition and ability to meet obligations as and when they fall due should remain strong. Although regulatory support is not assured, shareholder support will be obtained, if required.

Analyst Reports​

This shows the statistics for the organzation in previous and present years. ​

Making distinct financial reports to the public.

With the steady rise in the banks population and also with the economic situation of the country, UBA has offered detailed annual reports to keep it’s customers intune with the financial progression of the bank.

Share Information

UBA listed its shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), in 1970, and became the first Nigerian bank to subsequently undertake an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Business Calculators

Starting and growing a business takes a great deal of financial planning. These calculators can help you determine how much capital you need to run a business, calculate inventory turnover and more.

Strength & Ratings

We have created a corporate culture founded upon strong organisational values and performance-driven operating standards.

Large Balance Sheet Size & Strong Liquidity

These enable us to play at the top end of all the markets we operate in. Our balance sheet size means we are always the bank to go to for big ticket transactions across Africa. Our capacity is shown in the many big ticket transactions we have been involved in, either as a stand-alone financier or as a lead arranger in syndication deals. We have consistently played leading roles in arranging finance for critical sectors of the African economy, in the areas of oil and gas, power, telecommunications, and agriculture, amongst others.

Extensive Spread Across Africa​

Our presence in 19 African countries means that we can follow our customers and businesses across national boundaries, providing them with all the support they need for their businesses and personal comfort, no matter where they decide to travel, do business or live. We have a strong regional presence, as well as in the three major financial centres of London, New York, and Paris, giving us a unique positioning that no Africa bank can boast of.

Multicultural, Multilingual Staff​

We enjoy the distinct advantage of having a multilingual and multicultural operation, with a staff base fluent in the three major global languages, namely; English, French and Portuguese. Therefore, our customers are never at a loss with their transactions in the bank, no matter the language they decide to deal in.

Diverse Customer Base​

We serve a diverse range of customers across different nationalities, cultures and languages, cutting across all strata of businesses and persons. We are bankers to leading corporates, as well as small business owners. We also serve high net worth individuals (HNIs), as well as retail customers.

Strong Public Sector Reputation​

In all our countries of operation, we have a strong working relationship with the public sector, supporting the public sector in its fiscal operations, while also meeting their long-term infrastructure finance needs.

Open An Account

We create accounts tailored to your individual needs as a valued customer and are constantly developing new products and services.

Experienced Management​

The members of the UBA management team are well-experienced, having long years of experience in the banking industry and beyond. The Management team is also consistently exposed to the best training, both locally and abroad, to ensure that they are always abreast of developments in the highly dynamic banking industry.

Strong IT Platform​

UBA has invested heavily in one of the most secure IT platforms in the African banking industry to ensure customer transactions are always safe on the bank’s platform. The bank’s Internet Banking application and Data Centre operations passed the ISO 27001 Certification mark in 2012, confirming the adequacy of the bank’s security platform for online transactions.

Strong Risk Management​

The extensive nature of the bank’s operations means that UBA adheres strictly to the best risk management practices. UBA currently has one of the lowest NPLs in the banking industry, a testimony to the bank’s rigorous credit risk management process. The bank has in place a strong enterprise management process that ensures that all risks are adequately covered in the bank’s operations.

Strong Corporate Social Responsibility ​

The bank is actively involved in community renewal and sustenance. UBA remains the only bank in Nigeria with a purpose-built foundation with a clear mandate for social intervention in the communities and countries in which the bank operates. The UBA Foundation is funded with one percent of the bank’s profit after tax. The Foundation’s interventions are in the need areas of education, health, human capital development and special projects.

Strong Profitability

UBA remains one of the most profitable financial institutions in the African banking space.

About GIS

UBA Global Investor Services (GIS) is a division (not subsidiary) of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, set up in September 2007 to process securities trades, safe-keep financial assets and service associated portfolios. We act as Custodian to full range of financial (equity and debt) instruments through a nominee ‘UBA Nominee Limited.’
GIS is backed by the full sovereignty and credit of Africa’s Global Bank – UBA Plc.
We are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Central Bank of Nigeria and as well a licensed custodian on the NASD Plc OTC platform.
UBA GIS is a sub-regional service provider offering custody in Nigeria and the 8 francophone countries namely: Niger, Mali, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau and Cote D’Ivoire.

Our Services

We work with a number of leading financial institutions – the best in the business with growing number clients. Our clients are our partners and our priority

We offer centralized safekeeping of securities and liquid assets helping you to manage securities more efficiently. Cost reduction is available on graduated fee scales based on size of assets.

We undertake all activities relating to settlement of securities and related cash transactions in respect of your investments. Our Delivery versus Payment (DVP) custodial account allows you to use a variety of Stock Brokers.

Asset holdings of clients are duly registered at the CSCS, we ensure that all asset holdings of our Clients are duly registered and reflected in an omnibus account within the CSCS according to the rules and procedures.

Ensure clients are aware of all meetings (AGM’s, EGM’s) and clients’ voting instructions are executed correctly and on time.

More Services

We have an up to date technology that does valuation of client’s holdings on a daily basis with the current market price and send valuation report as requested by the client.

Consolidation, sweeping and automatic investment of income/proceeds in line with set terms/client instructions.

We provide a consolidated report of all securities and Cash positions either by mail/fax/SWIFT. We tailor the composition and frequency to your requirement

Consolidation, sweeping and automatic investment of income/proceeds in line with set terms/client instructions.

Our Euroclear Securities Clearance and Settlement services allows us to clear and settle transactions with counterparties via Euroclear in a large range of internationally traded securities.

GIS offers a comprehensive back office administration service that enables us to verify, match, authorize and effect settlements on your behalf of scheduled and confirmed obligations in full compliance with Service Level Agreements to be established with your good selves.

Tax reclaim is provided on a best effort basis.

Have a custom service you feel is within our expertise? Feel free to reach to us; we would be glad to help.

Our Clientele

Courtesy of outstanding and top-notch service delivery, our clientele are always with smiles on thier face; this in-turn makes us happy and always ready to do more!
We work with a number of leading financial institutions – the best in the business with growing number clients. Our clients are our partners and our priority.

UBA Global Investor Management

UBA GIS is managed by a team comprising of Custody Operations, Investor Services, Corporate Actions and Reconciliation.
The team is collectively responsible for the long-term success of this Division. The team’s role is to provide entrepreneurial leadership of within a framework of prudent and effective controls.