United Bank for Africa Interview Questions

What are the main bank interview questions and answers? How do you need to prepare for an important conversation with your possible employer? This post will be interesting to every Nigerian who wishes to work in the financial industry and is currently searching for a job in one of the local banks.

Bank interview questions

It is not a secret that banks are one of the top employers across the world. These financial organizations are constantly developing, growing their network and opening new offices. It happens in Nigeria, it happens in other African countries, it happens globally.


Since the list of Nigerian banks is pretty long, and you always have an opportunity to join one of the teams (Access Bank, First Bank of Nigeria, Ecobank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Diamond Bank, Zenith Bank, UBA, Union Bank of Nigeria to name a few), it is nice to get acquainted with the most common interview questions beforehand.

Below, we would like to list the top 10 possible interview questions you might be asked at any of the banks in our country. Read them, think about your possible answers and look at the tips we’ll share on how to answer interview questions.

10 common interview questions and answers


Every year different Nigerian banks offer training programs to fresh graduates from colleges and higher educational institutions. This recruitment process is simple, but you will have to go through its main stages:

  • CV
  • Tests (psychometric and aptitude)
  • Group discussions
  • Bank interview questions (with your answers)
  • Medical test

When you know how to answer interview questions, you are halfway done with your recruitment process and have a better chance of getting your dream job.

These are the most common interview questions and answers for Nigerian students and people who are seeking jobs in banks.

1. Introduce yourself, please?

It is the most common and first question asked by Nigerian banks at the interview. Every person who is a job seeker has to tell more about himself or herself.

Should you speak about your childhood? What your answer should be like?

Usually, you just need to summarize shortly the CV you have submitted beforehand. Introduce your name, age, education (schools and universities you have studied at), qualification, professional achievements and experience.

2. Is there anything not on CV we must know?

This is another popular question asked by bank representatives at the interview. Do not hurry with your answer. Think about this beforehand and create a ‘template’ in your head.

You should remember all the rewards, contests and prizes you ever won in your life (in high school, for your talents, at university, etc.). Mention this. Also, think about any volunteer project you have been responsible for and talk about it. Maybe you have been an exchange student or got an impressive scholarship. This is what your interviewer wants to hear, and this is what you need to talk about – your achievements and valuable hobbies that have not been added to your CV file.

3. Why do you want to work in the banking industry? Why do you want this job?

The list of possible interview questions can include this one. It is mainly asked if your main education and degree is not related to the banking industry.

How do you need to answer it? You should think about different proof-points why you wish to join the industry and demonstrate your love and passion for finances. Avoid the common mistakes and never say that you are looking into any possible industry and are willing to do any work because you have been unemployed for a short or long while.

4. Tell us about your last mistake and what you have learned from it?

These are also common bank interview questions which you have to get ready for. We all make mistakes because this is human nature. Your future employer likes to ask curious questions and wishes to hear the answers that describe your best sides and ability to think clearly.

Think about the conflicts or problems you went through. Maybe there was a disagreement with your colleagues? If yes, talk about it and how it was handled. You need to prove that you have an ability to avoid conflicts and are always willing to find a compromise, that you can use your previous experience to resolve future problems in case anything goes the wrong way.

5. Let’s say you got a new job and found a fraud in your department. However, your predecessor is now your boss. What would you do in this situation?

Some of the popular bank interview questions and answers in Nigeria can be difficult. For example, how can you answer the question about fraud and your boss? The company that is looking for a new employee is challenging you and your thoughts on the hierarchy in the bank system.

It doesn’t matter much if you have ever experienced any similar story in your real life or on your previous job, you must show that you have principles and you are an ethical person who would never go against the bank’s rules and policies. Be confident and explain that you will always act like the company wants you to act and you will report any fraudulent situations and acts to the higher authority.

6. How important is customer service to you? Have you ever worked with a difficult client? How do you handle such situations?

These are also top questions asked by banks during interviews. If you have such an experience from your previous job, tell your personal story and explain what your reaction is to people who come to the bank and cannot behave, shout, are uncooperative, etc.

If you have never dealt with difficult clients, you should be sincere and honest. Tell this but also add that you believe that each customer has to be pleased with the service you provide and you are willing to do everything to meet the client’s needs.

7. What do you know about our bank?

We are sharing this guide on how to answer interview questions to help you find your dream job in the financial segment. Your potential employer from Nigeria can easily ask you how much you know about their company, its operations, business model, history, latest deals, etc.

What should you say? It is better to prepare before you attend the interview. Visit the bank’s website, read its history and all the information you can find on the web. It is necessary to prove that you are interested in getting this particular job and you know more than just the name of the organization you are visiting. It is great if you know the names of the CEO and other main positions.

8. What was your last job? Why did you leave it?

This question is also one of the top things the Nigerian bank can ask you during the interview. Even though it can be a tough question, you have to be prepared to provide a good answer.

You need to sound positive. Do not say bad things about your previous employer. Do not discuss all the problems and bad attitude, and low salary, etc. It is your chance to show that you are highly educated and intelligent. Focus on your desire to develop personally and join a wonderful team in the bank of your dreams.

9. How many houses are in Lagos (another city you are being interviewed in)?

This is a tricky question; however, your employer is not looking for an exact answer. This question can help the company understand how you are handling difficult tasks and whether you can think and stay logical in any challenging situation.

If you don’t have a piece of paper and pencil/pen, ask for them. Think about the population of Lagos or other city and think about how many apartments are in a typical building. Do some calculations as if you knew the correct figures and demonstrate your thought process. This will be enough for a good and reasonable answer.

10. What are other banks you have an interview with?

This question is meant to confuse you. So do not be confused.

There is no need to mention all the companies you are going to for an interview. If you know any competitor bank that offers a similar job, you can say that you have plans to visit them for an interview. However, demonstrate intelligently that this particular bank and this particular job position (from your current interview) is your dream job and main desire.

We have shared with you examples of the top 10 bank interview questions and answers in Nigeria. However, the employer can ask you many other questions as well. Many questions will be about the financial industry (fund diversification, finances, debt, working in a bad team and changing it for better, the last book you have read, your desired salary, etc.).

We recommend you to stay confident and show your intelligence, knowledge, willingness to learn and develop and high interest in this particular job position in this specific bank. Good luck!