Union Bank of Nigeria Fixed Deposit

As with all The financial products, fixed deposits – whether short, medium or long-term – offer a high degree of investment certainty to Union Bank of Nigeria astute customers.

Union Bank of Nigeria termed deposits can either be re-invested or paid to the customer with the earned interest at the agreed amount of time. Interest earned can also be paid monthly, quarterly, annually or upfront. On maturity, you could choose to reinvest interest earned back into your term deposit or transfer it to your nominated account.

Should you choose to, there is partial maturity if you want to invest in other financial products and, our interest rates are competitive. There are no hidden fees or charges and we give investment advice about the status of your deposits as well as your available funds for reinvestment at maturity.


  • Minimum deposit of N100,000
  • Minimum tenor is 30 days


Fixed deposit application requirements are;

  • Means of identification (National ID, International Passport or Driver’s License)
  • Utility Bill of Applicant (Water Rate, Tenement, Rent Receipt or Power)
  • Two passport sized photographs of Applicant