SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited Business Account

SunTrust Fixed Deposits

We offer 30, 90, 180 and 365 day deposits with attractive rates in line with market trends and the CBN rate guides.

SunTrust Current Account

Our current account will facilitate the clearing of your cheques, third party cheque issuance and payment. At SunTrust, our current accounts can be adapted to suit our customers’ needs. We also pay interest on high volume current account balances.

SunTrust Overdraft Facilities

SunTrust will support your business by providing working capital to support your business operations. We provide overdraft facilities to qualifying businesses that have established a relationship with the bank and provide necessary advisory services required to ensure repayments are well supported by the cash flow of your business.

SunTrust Business Banking

We have developed a variety of products designed to surpass your expectations and add value to you or your organization. We offer savings plans, salary/wages administration and remittance services to meet your every need.

Other Credit Facilities

Individuals and business have a wide range of financing needs and SunTrust offers a variety of solutions to meet your requirements. You may meet with any of our dedicated relationship managers to discuss your individual and business needs.