Sterling Bank Asset Management

Asset Management


The asset management department was established to provide below-listed services to institutional and individual investors. With our team of experienced fund managers, we are able to provide tailored products and services to both small and large institutional investors as well as high net worth individuals that typically have varying investment objectives.

At SAMTL we adopt a consultative approach with our clients to determine their investment needs. Our investment strategies are structured to meet the needs of these clients.


Portfolio Management

At SAMTL we adopt a consultative approach with clients to determine the investment needs of our clients. We apply our investment strategies to meet the needs of our various customers which may be long or short term.

Our investment policies, strategies and methods are structured and driven by information management systems that enhance the entire process.

Our regular investment strategy meetings provide the forum to actively review investment policies and performances. We also embrace a global perspective in providing investment management advice, knowing fully well that over a long term, a portfolio that is diversified across markets and classes will be protected from specific market risk and be poised to generate better returns.

These investment management services essentially cuts across the various traditional investment securities such as equity, and debt securities issue and other assets (e.g. real estate).

Fund Management

We provide retail investment products that are specifically designed to meet the exclusive investment requirements and objectives of our customers.

To achieve this the following are done:

  • Risk Profiling: We determine your risk appetite as an investor, examine your risk acceptance, investment profile and all factors that are related to your investment
  • Investor Profiling: Based on your social and personal traits (age, gender, income, wealth etc.) we determine your investment preference.
  • Asset Allocator:We allocate your portfolio assets according to your goal, risk tolerance and investment prospect with the aim of balancing both risk and reward.

Management of Special Funds

At SAMTL we design institutional funds for institutional investors and special investor groups. Our concentration is on total return portfolios – with respect to the overall return and taking account of the interest paid and taxes withheld. This is based on fixed-income products and a multi-asset approach. We can also offer you institutional real estate funds.