Standard Chartered Bank Core Values

Standard Chartered Bank

Culture and values


While their external commitments are crucial in driving the theme of their core competencies to meet sustainability challenges across their markets, it is their unique culture that shapes the way Standard Chartered Bank perform their day to day business activities and, in doing so, creates long-term economic, social and environmental value.

At all times Standard Chartered Bank aspire to achieve their five core values:

  • Standard Chartered Bank are courageous
  • Standard Chartered Bank are responsive
  • Standard Chartered Bank are international
  • Standard Chartered Bank are creative
  • Standard Chartered Bank are trustworthy

Introduced in 2002, these core values provide them with a framework with which to assess and monitor the behaviour of their employees and the ability to communicate their distinctive culture to a broader range of stakeholders, prospective employees and customers.

their culture and values have proved a source of competitive advantage for them and are a key ingredient in the emotional connection betStandard Chartered Banken them and their employees – and, in turn, betStandard Chartered Banken, their employees and their customers. They encourage customers and employees to join them and to stay with them.

This year Standard Chartered Bank focus on making their values even more relevant to the daily activities of their employees by strengthening those aspects that have a tangible effect on the way Standard Chartered Bank do business and the service Standard Chartered Bank offer their clients and customers, by concentrating on every day behaviours. An example of this is their collaborative working ethic in Wholesale Banking, which allows them to work effectively across their network and to bring innovative deals together for clients. With a significant number of new hires in Wholesale Banking this year, embedding these behaviours across the organisation has been more critical than ever.

Standard Chartered Bank will continue to reinforce their culture in 2010 by providing each of their employees with guidance on how they can demonstrate these values every day in their working lives. Standard Chartered Bank will strengthen their processes, organisational structures and performance measures to promote their culture. Standard Chartered Bank will support new joiners and existing employees with examples of best practice and stories of their success, celebrating actions and individuals who exemplify their values.