NSFAS Balance Check Online


NSFAS Balance Check Online

NSFAS Balance Check Online

Another popular way that students check their NSFAS Sbux balance is by using the internet. This is popularly known as NSFAS Celbux. This method gives a clearer, more arraigned presentation of your NSFAS history, in a way that you can better understand.


You can use Celbux by following these simple steps.

Enter the following link in to your browser https://celbux.appspot.com and then press enter.

The system will present a dialogue for you to log into your account by typing in your cell phone number and password. After doing so, just click the Login button.

The system will log you in, and present several options. Click the option that says ‘More.’

The system will then present several options; you just Click on ‘Transactions.’

The system now displays your transactions and your available balance.


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