Jimi Solanke: Biography, Age, Career, Family And Movies

Jimi Solanke: Biography, Age, Career, Family And Movies

Jimi Solanke

Jimi Solanke (born July 1942) is a Nigerian film actor, dramatist, folk singer, poet and playwright.

Early life

Solanke graduated from the University of Ibadan, where he obtained a diploma certificate in drama.[5]


After graduation, Solanke moved to the United States, where he created a drama group called The Africa Review, focusing on African culture. Members of this group usually put on African clothing, specifically Yoruba costume. They performed in black African schools.[6] Solanke established himself in Los Angeles, California, where his storytelling career began. He was described as a “master storyteller” by CNN.[7]

In 1986, he returned to Nigeria with three members of the African Review group to work with the Nigerian Television Authority.[8] His reputation earned him the lead role in most of Ola Balogun’s films.[9] He was part of the team that made the film of Kongi’s Harvest by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka.


  • Kongi’s Harvest (film)
  • Sango (film) (1997)