HB-Padie Mobile Banking

HB-Padie Mobile Banking


The Earth is always in motion, and so is life.

We understand that you should remain in motion too “all the time” along with your dreams, your career, your plans and your resources. We also want to make sure that you can choose what beat you want to step to, making it possible for you to live beyond where you find yourself at any given time.

With our new and exciting mobile banking app, you can finally make that choice.

Padie is fluid, friendly and easy to use, with an edgy look and feel, giving you the following refreshing capabilities:

  • You can consolidate your Accounts: All accounts under one customer
  • ID are automatically uploaded onto the app as soon as you register
  • The service can be accessed using “Username and Password” .
  • The app is enabled for touch-ID functionality
  • Available on Android, Windows iOS and Blackberry app stores etc.