Biography Of Archbishop Sam Amaga


Biography Of Archbishop Sam Amaga

Archbishop Sam Amaga

Archbishop (Dr.) Sam Amaga is the founder of Salem International Christian Centre (SICC), Abuja, Nigeria. He is also the presiding Archbishop of Foundation Faith Church Worldwide.

The life of Dr Sam Amaga is full of great experiences; he got born again in 1972, got filled with the Holy Ghost and started to preach since January 1973. He has served in various streams of ministries since then.


His Grace, Archbishop Sam Amaga was born at Olowa in Kogi State. He obtained his 1st degree in Microbiology and also obtained a Counselor of Theology (C.Th). Dr Sam Amaga received the call into fulltime ministry at a time he was hitting the limelight in the management of a leading Pharmaceutical company in Nigeria, West Africa, in July 1982.

Working for a Pharmaceutical company in Jos, the came to the office one morning like any other. Standing outside his office, he knew it was time to leave. He hadn’t discussed with his wife yet but she knew he had a call on his life and was afraid to do anything about it. He tendered his resignation and left the company. It was such a struggle for him but thank God it happened.

In response to the call upon his life, the Archbishop relocated his family to Makurdi where he began part-time missionary work where he was running his business in Makurdi and preaching the word. The Archbishop and his wife Dr Love Sam-Amaga have become gifts to the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. They have and are wholly committed to raising for the Lord an army of people Who are strong in Faith, Who is empowered by Wisdom; Who are intimate with the Holy Ghost and; Who are doing Exploits.

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Born March 15, Dr. Sam has for almost 30 years in ministry brought the raw undiluted word to his generation and has taught principles from the scriptures which has reflected in his leadership and added to the posterity and integrity of the ministry.

Archbishop Sam-Amaga was honoured in 1992 with a Doctor of Theology from Evangel Christian University of America. In 1994, he and his wife were also honoured with Doctor of Divinity from the All Nations for Christ Bible Institute, Benin City, Nigeria. As a preacher and teacher of the faith, they have become gifts to the body of Jesus Christ.

Apostolic Networking

Dr Sam Amaga is the President of Salem Pastoral and Missions College (SPAMIC), an institute committed to the goal of raising men of excellence in life and ministry.

He is the International President of the International Covenant Ministerial Council (ICMC) presently focused on raising strong and effective leadership for a network of churches and ministries across the globe. There are presently over 1000 churches/ministries and ministers in this great network.

He is a member of the National Executive Council of Pentecostal Fellowship Of Nigeria (PFN). A member of International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC) in the USA and other countries.

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He is one of the founding members of Trans Atlantic and Pacific Alliance of Churches (TAPAC) United Kingdom and Worldwide. He is also a member of International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC) the USA and other countries.

Archbishop Sam Amaga is currently the National President of the Pentecostal Bishops’ Communion of Nigeria (PEBICON)

He is the chancellor and visioner of SALEM UNIVERSITY


Personal Life


Archbishop and Dr. (Mrs) Sam-Amaga are blessed with five wonderful and anointed children who are now a major part of the ministry team. They are Pastor Covenant Sam-Amaga, Pastor Joyce Sam-Amaga, Pastor Isaiah Sam-Amaga Jnr, Rev. Ezekiella Sam-Amaga and Faith Sam-Amaga.

Dr Love Sam-Amaga who is also a bishop is a teacher of the word by calling. A role model wife, she is a true mirror of love and care. Her anointing and skills in counselling ministry have overwhelmingly impacted the marriage life of many dispensing healing to many broken hearts and restoration to broken hearts and restoration to broken homes.