Abia State Capital | Umuahia

Abia State Capital | Umuahia

Umuahia is the capital city of Abia State in southeastern Nigeria. Umuahia is located along the railroad that lies between Port Harcourt to its south and Enugu city to its north. Umuahia has a population of 359,230 according to the 2006 Nigerian census. Umuahia’s indigenous ethnic group are the Igbo.

Umuahia is well known as being an agricultural market centre since 1916. It is also a railway collecting point for crops such as yams, cassava, corn (maize), taro, citrus fruits, and palm oil and kernels. There are several breweries in Umuahia, and there is also a palm-oil-processing plant. Nigeria’s National Root Crops Research Institute, at Umudike, is adjacent to the town. Umuahia also has several colleges including Trinity College (theological) and several hospitals.

Umuahia comprises two local government areas: Umuahia North and Umuahia South. These local governments are also composed of clans such as the Umuopara, Ibeku, Olokoro, Ubakala and Ohuhu communities. Umuahia town is traditionally owned by the Ibeku after early British administrators based the town in their lands.

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Umuahia Local Government Areas (LGAs)

There are two LGAs in Umuahia, namely; Umuahia North and Umuahia South. Both LGAs are made up of Clans, and villages make up the Clans.

The South has three Clans, namely – Ubakala, Olokoro and Umuopara. The Local Government council Headquarters is located at Apumiri in Ubakala.

The North consists of Ibeku (alongside the old Umuahia environs) and Ohuhu. Its Local Government council Headquarters is located at Ibeku.